keyboardTranslating a significant result into a written manuscript can be an extremely difficult and time-consuming task, especially if English is not your first language. We recognize this fact and offer, therefore, a manuscript-writing service. Given raw data and a detailed outline, our experienced writers will work with you in an iterative process to generate a publication-ready document. The length of the manuscript determines how long the writing task will take, but accommodations can be made to meet specified deadlines.


We ask that you provide:
1) A detailed outline that includes all major points you wish to make in the Introduction, Results, and Discussion sections.
2) All tables, figures, and figure legends.
3) A list of references that should be included in the manuscript. This list does not have to be complete.
4) A Materials and Methods section.
5) The journal where the manuscript will be submitted.

The process:
1) Based on the provided information, we will write the Abstract, Introduction, Results, and Discussion sections. We will also edit the figure legends and methods.
2) We will then send you the working manuscript, along with suggestions we have concerning the tables and figures.
3) You will review the working manuscript, making changes and inserting comments as necessary. You will also finalize the figures.
4) After we receive the revised manuscript, we will incorporate your changes, address any outstanding concerns, and edit the final language.
5) We will send you the finalized manuscript for your approval. Our editors will continue to work with you until you are completely satisfied with the final product.
6) You submit the manuscript to the targeted journal.
7) If you like, we can also help write the cover letter and/or the response to reviewer comments.

Taking advantage of our manuscript-writing service will allow you to focus your attention on experiments in the lab, where the truly critical work is done.


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