keyboardTo maximize the scientific impact of your research, the data must be presented in a clear, concise, and elegant fashion. Our editing services, therefore, include more than just grammatical corrections. We also evaluate and improve the manuscript’s scientific argument (e.g., the flow of logic), and the presentation (e.g., figure composition). The end product is a publication-ready manuscript or presentation that you will be proud to share with colleagues. Editing services typically take 7-10 days to complete, but accommodations can be made to meet a specified deadline.


Text: We ensure that each sentence is clear, concise, grammatically correct, and well written. Changes that we make are visible using the “Track Changes” function within MS Word. If we cannot definitively determine the meaning of a particular sentence, we provide several alternative versions of the sentence, and you will be be asked to choose the most accurate option. We strive to maintain your intent while fashioning a well-written document.

Scientific argument: During the editing process we also critically evaluate your scientific argument. This is only possible because of the high quality of our editors and their wide ranges of scientific expertise. The goal is to maintain a consistent flow of logic throughout the manuscript, and we make and/or suggest changes (i.e., paragraph rearrangements, the additon of information) that improve this aspect of your manuscript. In particular, we ensure that the language within the text accurately reflects the data presented in the figures. We will not suggest additional experiments, or offer alternative interpretations of your data (as a reviewer might). Instead, our goal is to help you present your findings in the most convincing manner possible.

Presentation: Figures are a critical component of any manuscript, as they provide a visual representation of the scientific data. As such, we will suggest ways to improve both the clarity and aesthetics of your figures and tables. For example, we will indicate when an arrow is necessary for the reader to interpret an image. We will also make sure that all graphs are consistently labeled, and that the tables are clearly formatted.

Journal-specific formatting: When sending us your manuscript we ask that you provide a target journal. Based on this information we will review recently published articles and the Author Instructions to ensure that the format of your manuscript conforms to journal specifications. Following the editing process, therefore, your manuscript will be ready for submission.

Associated documents: We also encourage you to send us your cover letter and/or your response to reviewer comments. These documents are important to the publication process and should therefore be well-written.

Meeting presentations: Our editing services are also appropriate for Powerpoint presentations and posters. For each slide or panel, we will ensure that the written features (e.g., bullet points and titles) are well written and grammatically correct. We pay particular attention to titles, which must clearly and concisely convey the slide’s main point. Unclear language and grammatical errors can distract an audience’s attention. By correcting these errors, therefore, we make sure that the audience stays focused on your science, and that your message is effectively delivered.


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