Scientistpzerofive Editing is a company of two, and with minimal operating expenses we can offer extremely competitive rates for our services. Lower prices, however, do not reflect a lower quality of service, as we are both top-notch writers and experimental scientists. The rates we charge for our comprehensive editing services (which generate publication-ready documents) is similar to rates that other editing companies charge for their “standard” or “basic” services. Nothing about our services is “standard” or “basic”, though, as we give every manuscript our highest level of attention and effort.


Editing – $80/hour

Because each manuscript is unique, we offer a $80/hour rate for our editing services, rather than a rate based on the length of the manuscript. On average this hourly rate translates to approximately $0.10–0.20/word. Per word rates can be considerably lower if the English grammar is good, or slightly higher if a complete re-write of the manuscript is required.

Expedited Editing – $100/hour

Editing services typically take 5-7 days to complete. More rapid turn arounds can also be accommodated at slightly higher rates. Rates are $100/hour for a 1-3 day turnaround.

Writing or Design – $100/hour

After we have reviewed the writing or design project, we will generate a price-range estimate. This estimate will be based, of course, on the likely time to completion. Detailed outlines, figure legends, and project descriptions will help focus our work and minimize your costs.

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