Giana Angelo

Giana AngeloB.A., Biological Sciences, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY (1995) M.S., Human Nutrition, Tufts University, Boston, MA (2000) Ph.D., Cellular and Molecular Nutrition, Tufts University (2005) Postdoctoral studies, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, WA (2005-2011)

Research Associate, Linus Pauling Institute, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR (2011-present)

Dr. Angelo’s research focuses on the critical interaction between diet and health. Using genetic model organisms and in vitro culture systems, her work has uncovered novel means by which nutrients (or starvation) affect essential physiological processes. At the Linus Pauling Institute, Dr. Angelo communicates results from current research studies that highlight the role dietary factors play in promoting human health and preventing disease.

Areas of expertise: biomedical science, genetics, metabolism, nutrition, physiology, stem-cell biology

Selected Publications – Professional:
Angelo G (2012). Essential fatty acids and skin health. Linus Pauling Institute. Oregon State University.

Angelo G (2012). Flavonoids and skin health. Linus Pauling Institute. Oregon State University.

Angelo G (2012). Micronutrients and bone health. Linus Pauling Institute. Oregon State University.

Angelo G (2012). “Briefly”. Linus Pauling Institute. Oregon Statue University. Biannual Research Newsletter.

Selected Publications – Science:
Angelo G, Van Gilst MR (2009). Starvation protects germline stem cells and extends reproductive longevity in C.elegans. Science 326, 954–958.

Angelo G, Lamon-Fava S, Sonna LA, Lindauer ML, Wood RJ (2008). Heat shock protein 90β: A novel mediator of vitamin D action. BBRC 367, 578–583.

Wood RJ, Tchack L, Angelo G, Pratt RE, Sonna LA (2004). DNA microarray analysis of vitamin D-induced gene expression in a human colon carcinoma cell line. Physiological Genomics 17, 122–129.

Angelo G, Wood RJ (2002). Novel intracellular proteins associated with cellular vitamin D action. Nutrition Reviews 60, 209–211.

Booth SL, Nelson ME, Mason JB, Angelo G, Meydani SN (1999). Dietary supplements for peri- and early postmenopausal women: A quantitative proposal based on disparities between recommendations and dietary intakes. Nutrition in Clinical Care 2, 361–371.